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4 guys from Copenhagen (DK) with very diverse backgrounds - two guys comes from the rockabilly scene, one guy from classic heavy metal, and one guy from hardrock. Imagine a mix of Social Distortion, Motörhead and Stray Cats supercharged with adrenaline and testosterone, and then you get Grumpynators.

A hard-working Danish act, that already have played a lot of concerts everywhere in Europe from Northern Norway and Northern Finland to Germany, Holland, Austria and Switzerland. They have supported Danish heroes “Magtens Korridorer” and have also, as the only Danish act in the last 10 years, supported Volbeat, the biggest band from Denmark, on a tour.

In 2020 they release their 3rd album, Still Alive, in collaboration with Target Music, with the pure intention of taking over the rest of the world.


  • Jakob Øelund - Double Bass, BC, Vocals
  • Christian Nørgaard - Guitars, BC, Vocals
  • Per Fisker - Drums, BC, Vocals
  • Emil Øelund - Lead Vocals, Guitar


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