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Onkel Tom is back again! With a new album, a new line-up, new songs and his tried-and-tested philosophy: H.E.L.D. sees the Sodom frontman rely on real metal, raw punk and choruses which you’re unlikely to forget once you’ve heard them. Fans of German-language rock will also love this album, after all they appreciate good German-language music and authentic lyrics. H.E.L.D. features neither the feigned underdog prose of ultra-rich musicians nor dubious lyrics about winning through likely to sell exceedingly well at every World Cup and at popular chat shows alongside pop music hopefuls, but honest, straightforward lyrics about parties, celebrations, knees-ups and the desolate state of the world at large and the people who live in it. Of course there’s alcohol involved wherever Onkel Tom appears, albeit not in abundance but in measures.

“Nobody in this band has an alcohol problem, but of course you have to be able to handle the stuff,” explains Tom Angelripper, the band’s vocalist and frontman. “Mind you, beer and schnapps are definitely part and parcel of every good party.”

In other words: the new album H.E.L.D. (an acronym for Hart-Ehrlich-Laut-Durstig [hard-honest-loud-thirsty]) is a remarkable recording with which Tom Angelripper & Co. celebrate life, only really coming to life through celebration. Typical Onkel Tom, in fact!


  • Tom - vocals
  • Marc - bass
  • Corny - drums
  • Alex - guitar
  • Celly - guitar


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