CHILDREN OF BODOM as second headliner confirmed! – Billing complete!

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Turbinenhalle Oberhausen

CHILDREN OF BODOM as second headliner confirmed! – Billing complete!

Deep in the heart of the Ruhr-Area a metal-thunderstorm is rising up! Between furnaces and steel, between coal and iron: Ruhrpott Metal Meeting 2018!
With many bands, cold drinks and a stunning location, we want to celebrate with you again! CHILDREN OF BODOM and VENOM are confirmed as headliner and you can visit a Metal-Market with a chillout-zone, band merch, meet and greed as well as lots of drinks and food.

CHILDREN OF BODOM are playing their supreme melodic Death/Power Metal and are famous since the releases of their first two records “Something Wild” and “Hatebreeder”. At the Ruhrpott Metal Meeting they are playing one of just two indoor-festival-shows in 2018!
VENOM! How many bands achieved to invent and give the name for a whole music genre with one of their albums? In 1982 the record “Black Metal” was unleashed and nobody could imagine the impact, this record will have on the world of music. Although the Black-Metal-Cult started a few years later, VENOM changed the scene with hits like “Countess Bathory”, “Raise The Dead” and – of course – the brilliant song “Black Metal”. 36 years later VENOM, among the vocalist and bassist Cronos, are still aggressive, ugly and a cult-band! Without VENOM the metalworld would not be the same! Join us and “Welcome To Hell”!
Since more than 30 years EXODUS are playing Bay-Area-Thrash-Metal and are one of the most important Thrash-Metal-Acts on this planet! The concerts are a violent journey through their hits and will leave no head “unmoshed”. Be there for “Another lesson in violence”!
The new structured Ruhr-Area-Thrash-Heros among the Metal-Dinosaur Tom Angelripper, shortly named SODOM, recently achieved to set the Rock-Hard-Festival on fire! The first time with two guitarists on stage, you can expect a highly entertaining show, with a special set-list.
The American Thrash Metal act DEATH ANGEL will come along, to present their tight Thrash Metal, which they are playing since the 80s and will – as always – take no prisoners. SUICIDAL ANGELS, the Greek underground-heroes, will present their own version of Thrash Metal and were lately celebrated as the opening act for the mighty Satyricon!
ALESTORM are marching under their flag of “True Scottish Pirate Metal” and are accompanied by the Danish guys from D-A-D, which are one of the craziest live-acts on the globe! German Thrash Metal veterans TANKARD are famous for their beerdrinking-attitude and will make sure, that no one will leave the venue sober, while the heavy rockers from MOTORJESUS will turn the place upside down! Next to music, beer is best!
SKÁLMÖLD are there to cheer up the Folk-Fans, which should have their drinking horns ready! Last but not least: PRIPJAT are one of the youngest bands to play the Ruhrpott Metal Meeting this year, but they kick ass, as fuck!

As an additional gift, Century Media (the record label from Dortmund) will celebrate their 30-year-anniversary on the special “Flöz”-Stage! DARK TRANQUILITY, LACUNA COIL, ANGELUS APATRIDA will playing for this party exclusively!

Be there! And have a party with us!




Bands – Friday, 07.12.2018
Death Angel
Suicidal Angels

Bands – Saturday, 08.12.2018
Children of Bodom

Flöz Stage//Century Media Anniversary
Dark Tranquillity
Lacuna Coil
Angelus Apatrida
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