Venom is confirmed for Ruhrpott Metal Meeting 2018!

RUHRPOTT METAL MEETING – 07. + 08.12.2018 – 4th edition !

Dear friends of hard music: We can announce VENOM as the first headliner for the Ruhrpott Metal Meeting 2018! How many bands achieved to invent and give the name for a whole music genre with one of their albums? In 1982 the record “Black Metal” was unleashed and nobody could imagine the impact, this record will have on the world of music. Although the Black-Metal-Cult started a few years later, VENOM changed the scene with hits like “Countess Bathory”, “Raise The Dead” and – of course – the brilliant song “Black Metal”. 36 years later VENOM, among the vocalist and bassist Cronos, are still aggressive, ugly and a cult-band! Without VENOM the metalworld would not be the same! Join us and “Welcome To Hell”!

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