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Continental Concerts & Management is a globally minded 'hard n heavy' management company and booking agency.

Along side our proven track record in management, we offer a wide variety of services, including; artist development, legal and business consultancy, contract initiation, negotiation and much more...

Continental Concerts & Management is always looking for ways to develop as a company and give our clients the best possible experience, and as of 2003, we added our own publishing company, Music Kontor to our growing list of services.

We are also a renowned booking agency offering a worldwide tour service. Continental Concerts & Management, in collaboration with national and international partners, will oversee full tour production, from conception to completion.

Whether it's a full world tour, festival organization or even a localized event, we will be there to manage every aspect!


  • Ashes Of Ares (US)
  • Ensiferum (FI)
  • Naglfar (SE)
  • Nevermore (US)
  • Sanctuary (US)
  • Tristania (NO)


In our capacity as concerts agents we continue to represent on an exclusive basis all over the world (exept USA) the following bands:


  • Accept (DE)
  • Amorphis (FI) *
  • Ashed of Ares (US)
  • Avatarium (SE)
  • Axel Rudi Pell (DE)
  • Cannibal Corpse (US) ***
  • Dark Funeral (SE)
  • Deserted Fear (DE)
  • Dew-Scented (DE)
  • Dr. Living Dead! (SE) **
  • Ensiferum (FI)
  • Fleshgod Apocalypse (IT) **
  • Freedom Call (DE)
  • Fyre! (ES)
  • Gloryhammer (UK)
  • Gruesome (US)
  • Iced Earth (US)
  • Insomnium (FI) *
  • Jess and the ancient ones (FI)
  • Kataklysm (CA) **
  • Ketzer (DE)
  • Krisiun (BR) **
  • Metal Church (US) ********
  • Ministry (US)
  • Naglfar (SE)
  • Nevermore (US)
  • Obscurity (DE)
  • Onkel Tom (DE)
  • Orden Ogan (DE) **
  • Rise Of The Northstar (FR) *******
  • Sahg (NO)
  • Sanctuary (US)
  • ScepticFlesh (GR)
  • Sinner (DE)
  • Sodom (DE)
  • Tristania (NO)
  • Varg (DE)
  • Vektor (CA) ********
  • Wolfheart (FI)


* only Europe except Finland
** only Europe
*** only Europe except UK
***** only Europe except Finland and UK
****** only Europe except Norway
******* only Germany, Austria & Switzerland
********only Germany

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